Thursday, May 20, 2010

volcano art

Volcanoes are very tall, fat and all different
sizes. Some are active. Some like Mt Taranaki , Tangariro, Pukeoaki and Pihariga are found in the North Island Of New Zealand.
Some volcanoes made earhquakes. Hot rocks fly out of the volcanoes. They make big clouds. Some people say that Rangiototo was one of the biggest disasters in the world. The cloud can tavel anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Cool picture Chelsea! I enjoy reading about places around us like mountains and volcanoes. I live not far from Rangitoto so I hope it's not still active. Do you know if it is? Keep up the blogs
Matua Wyllis

Anamei said...

Hi Chelsea
I really liked your picture of your volcano.keep up the blogs.
from Anamei

Anonymous said...
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