Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Me and beni went to healthCamp .when i got there we put our
bag down and after that we got a tag and me and beni
had to go down to the school and all of got put in to our calss i was in room3
there was a litle of us. We stad not for long. And Damien went for 5 days i had lots of fun we played games and after that we went to our room to see our bed i stad for two weeks
and went home

Thursday, May 20, 2010

volcano art

Volcanoes are very tall, fat and all different
sizes. Some are active. Some like Mt Taranaki , Tangariro, Pukeoaki and Pihariga are found in the North Island Of New Zealand.
Some volcanoes made earhquakes. Hot rocks fly out of the volcanoes. They make big clouds. Some people say that Rangiototo was one of the biggest disasters in the world. The cloud can tavel anywhere.