Monday, October 31, 2011


This is here because it's for our topic this term.
The topic is outta this world and the solar system I have made are sideshow about are
mnemonic about the different planets.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Georgia conversation

This is a conversion about what we have been learning about, which is different countries.
My group has been learning about Georgia.

‘’Hello’’ I am from New Zealand and have no idea what Georgia’s like. Jon do you know who the captain of Georgia Rugby World Cup Team is?” I asked him.
“The captain is Mr Japan” said Bob.
“What is one of some of the Local delicacies from Georgia?”
“Some of them are Megrelian, Kakhetian, and Imeretian.”
“Bob, what is the Timeline history for Georgia?” I asked
“Some of the history is that Georgia was part of the Soviet Union. Georgia did eventually gain independence from the Soviet Union”.
Who is a Famous person from Georgia?”
This is Joseph Stalin.”
Joseph Stalin is a famous person from Georgia” laughed Bob.
Who is the key player of the Georgia Rugby Team?’’
“The key player for Georgia's rugby team is Haz MalkUrjukashvvill.”
Whats the main strip?”
“The main rugby strip colour of Georgia is red” he quietly replied.
“What the population for Georgia?” I asked him.
“The population is almost 4.7 million” Bob replied to me.
“Is it true that Georgia is a state” I look at him
“No Georgia is not a state, it’s a country” he looked back and laughed.
“Do you know who is another Famous parson?” I asked him.
“Noe Zhordania is another famous parson from Georgia” he replied back.
“Thanks for teaching me about Georgia, I found it all very interesting” I said.