Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who invented the crayon?

Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith are best known all over the world for their invention the crayon.

C. Harold Smith was born in London, England in 1860 and lived for a while in New Zealand as a teenager until going to the United States in 1878. He married Paula Smith and they had two children, Bertha B. Hillas and Sidney V. Smith.

Edwin Binney was born in 1866 in Westchester County, New York and in died 1934. Edwin Binney was 68 years old when he died.

In 1878 they emigrated to the United States of America and
1885 the Binney & Smith Company was founded. In 1902 at the World Exhibition for dustless chalk they introduced the first box of crayons.
Since the founders death the Binney & Smith Company founded the Crayon, Watercolor, and Craft Institute. In 1978 the Binney & Smith Company introduced Crayola markers and in 1996 the 100 billionth crayon was produced. In 1998 the Company opened 20,000 square foot Crayola Factory in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Edwin Binney and C.Harold won a gold medal at the worlds fair.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Martin Jet Pack

Glen Martin made the first ‘Martin Jet Pack’. He is famous for what he has made, he is going to be rich with his jet pack.
They had to test the jet pack with a dummy so that they could know if it is safe and then they would test it with a person in the pilot position.
The jet pack can go where no helicopter can go like between buildings and sides of mountains.

The Martin Jet Pack works by two really powerful, big fans called ‘superfans’.
The Jet pack shot into the sky over the Canterbury Plains at a climb rate of 800ft per minute, reaching an altitude of 5,000ft. Captured on video by TVNZ’s SUNDAY.The U.S military are showing and interest in buying the Martin Jet Pack